Homebrew Competition Judge Director

Homebrew Competition Judge Director
Total Hours – 48 Hours

1. Solicits judge participation (especially for out of town judges) – using mailing lists provided by the BJCP.
a. Hours – 8
b. Completion Date – 1 week before first scheduled judging session.

2. Coordinate & Collect Gifts/Prizes/Rewards – Anything used to entice judges to participate
a. Hours – 20
b. Completion Date – Mid January

3. Coordinate the Judging of Entries – Helps the competition coordinator to assign specific judges to flights. If pre-scheduling is done may coordinate the placing of each judge within each flight, ensuring they do not judge their own entries, and also trying to sit judges on the styles they wish to judge.
a. Hours – 5 hours per judging session
b. Completion Date – Depends on judging Schedule

4. Assigns Judges to second round and BOS Panels – Coordinate with competition organizer and Registrar.
a. Hours – 6
b. Completion Date – Final Round Judging Date

5. Confirms the points earned by a judge which is sent to the BJCP – Make sure the points are accurate and recorded by BJCP in a timely manner
a. Hours – 5
b. Completion Date – Within 30 days of Final Round Judging Date