Homebrew Competition Assistant Prize Coordinator

Homebrew Competition Assistant Prize Coordinator
Total Hours – 18

1. Organize Solicitations – Donations come in from across the state and country. Organize solicitations in the most appropriate format for each business using solicitation letter drafted by Prize Coordinator.
a. Hours: 1
b. Completion Date: Mid December

2. Send Requests – Many breweries/supply companies have official donation request channels. These can take time to hear back from and sometimes require additional forms be submitted. Some organizations accept only letters mailed to them, this can take additional time.
a. Hours: 10
b. Completion Date: Early January

3. Receive and Inventory Prizes – Donations should be sent to a location that can collect boxes, inventory items, and store until BFBC. A detailed inventory can be useful in determining how to distribute prizes.
a. Hours: 2
b. Completion Date: Early February

4. Set-up Prize Table at BFBC awards – Determine how to distribute additional prizes, set up tables, organizes donations, clean up.
a. Hours: 2
b. Completion Date: Day of awards ceremony

5. Thank You Letters – Assist in drafting a thank you letter to be sent to all sponsors who donated to the event. This letter can also be re-used from year to year. Send letters/ emails.
a. Hours: 3
b. Completion Date: Mid March