Homebrew Competition Assistant Organizer

Homebrew Competition Assistant Organizer
BFBC – Assistant Homebrew Competition Organizer
Total Hours – 50 Hours

This position assists the Competition Organizer with all aspects of running the competition. Time involved is difficult to determine and will depend on the number of tasks assigned and volunteered for. The level of participation would be agreed upon in early November once all of the Tier 1 positions have been assigned.

Duties as assigned by competition coordinator: Various duties and responsibilities as assigned by Competition Organizer. May include:

  • Arranging competition venue
  • Arranging entry drop off locations
  • Recruiting Tier 1 volunteers
  • Setting up judging locations
  • Publicity – emails, club meeting visits, flyers to brew shops, etc.
  • Labeling Party – planning and running
  • Judging sessions – planning and running
  • Judging session materials – creating, printing and delivering
  • Communication with entrants

Time – 25 to 50 hours
Deadline –Ongoing, depends on task assigned.