Professional Competition Organizer

Professional Competition Organizer
Total Hours – 170 Hours – updated 7/08/2016

Determine competition dates: Communicate with BFB and FBG to determine date for competition – usually the first weekend of February. Review calendar and set early judging dates and entry deadline dates.
Time – 2 hours
Deadline – Sept 1st or as soon as FBG has set date of FBG Fest

Register comp with BJCP: Enter competition details on BJCP competition site and pay fee through PayPal. Forward BJCP confirmation email to Registrar.
Time – 1 hour
Deadline – Sept 1st or as soon as comp dates are established

Set up Reggie online entry system: Contact Nelson Crowle to set up a reggie competition. You will receive a confirmation email with competition number and password. Enter details of competition in Reggie. Forward a copy of login credentials to the Registrar.
Time – 1 hour
Deadline – December 1st or at least a week before entry period starts

Schedule judging locations: Find location for final judging and early judging sessions. If using the previous year’s locations, send email to location contacts and schedule dates and times If using a new location, more research and scouting will be needed to make sure venue is available, is large enough for number of rounds.
Time – 2 hours if using previous locations, 20 or more hours if scouting new locations.
Deadline – November 1st

Arrange entry drop off locations: Set up local drop off locations. Contact local breweries for drop off locations. Arrange shipping address for shipped entries.
Time – 1 hour
Deadline –November 1st

Publicity: Contact breweries with competition details, create flyers for home brew shops and other locations, create posts for Facebook page, create content for web site.
Time – 25 hours
Deadline – Initial email with comp details in mid-fall. From mid-December to end of entry period, send weekly emails with a few more in the last week of the entry period.

Recruit Tier 1 volunteers: Fill positions for Assistant Competition Organizer, Registrar, Cellar Master, Head Steward, Judge Director and Hospitality Manager. Work involved will depend on mechanism for filling these positions.
Time – 1 to 10 hours depending on new process
Deadline – November 1st

Communication with Tier 1 Volunteers: Monitor progress of Tier 1 volunteers, questions, issues, planning for various parts of the competition. As competition nears, there will be more communication.
Time – About 40 hours total, 3 hours per month September to December, January 2 hours per week, February, 5 hours per week.
Deadline – Ongoing until end of competition

Schedule sorting and labeling of entries: Work with Cellar Master to set up time and location for bottle labeling. Registrar will print bottle labels by the day of labeling. Recruit volunteers. Oversee labeling.
Time – 2 hours organizing, 4 hours labeling
Deadline – after entry deadline closes, before 1st judging session

Judging session materials: Produce a WBC scoresheet for beer, download cider and mead score sheets and flight sheets. Obtain or create logo header file. Print master copies of score sheets with BFBC logo modified for current competition year. Print second round and BOS summary sheets. Arrange to print enough score sheets for number of entries in competition. Obtain or print current BJCP style guidelines. Buy enough plastic tasters glasses for number of entries.
Time – 2 hours
Deadline – Between close of entry window and first judging session

Judging Sessions: Attend all judging session to provide support, oversee process, answer questions, resolve judging questions with judge director, on final day of judging, verify final results, prepare awards presentation, oversee prize table set up.
Time – 52 hours total, 10 hours per early judging session, 12 hours on final judging day
Deadline – scheduled judging sessions

Communication with breweries: Respond to requests for information about the competition or issues with entries.
Time – 20 hours total, Sept to December 1 hour per month, January & February 2 hours per week.
Time – 3 hours

Best of Show presentation at Brewers Ball: Prepare medals and trophies, get competition results from registrar – BOS medals, heavy medal and club comp points
Time – 1 hour
Deadline – Brewer’s Ball date

Send results to BJCP: Coordinate and verify judge and steward participation information. Registrar will generate reports to submit to BJCP. Coordinate with judge director to verify results, send to BJCP.
Time – 5 hours
Deadline – within 30 days of end of competition

Income and expense tracking: Create budget, approve expenses for judging session materials and catering, prize purchases, awards ceremony, etc. Track entry fees made with PayPal or checks/cash attached to entries. Compile expense report, submit report to BFBC treasurer. Contact entrants about missing payments.
Time – 10 hours
Deadline – Fall to mid-January for budgeting and planning, 1st week of February for entry fee reconciliation, mid-March for final expense report, will depend on when all expenses are submitted.