Brewers Ball Brewery Relations/Draft Setup Coordinator

Brewers Ball Brewery Relations/Draft Setup Coordinator

 Total Hours: 72

This person is responsible for all issues related to the breweries that participated in the BFB Pro Competition and the set up of draft beer at the festival and will work closely with Brewers Ball Logistics Leader, Ticket/Guest Services Coordinator, BFB Commercial Competition Organizer and Raffle Organizer.

Brewers Ball Philosophy

  • Brewers Ball is a celebration and awards ceremony for the Florida brewing community. As such, we have depended on volunteers for setting up/tearing down the festival. This is a unique experience for the pro brewers since at a typical beer festival they are expected to do all of the work (supply, beer, setup/teardown draft boxes, pour beer for the public). As the event gets bigger, this is becoming a bigger challenge. Growth of BFB resources and volunteers will be necessary to keep up with the proliferation of the industry and the event

Announcement of BFB Winners (5 Hours)

  • Draft letter with BFB Commercial Competition Organizer for announcing BFB winners.
  • All participating breweries should be copied on this email even if they did NOT win any medals
  • Specify procedures for redeeming complimentary tickets and food vouchers (Coordinate with Logistics and Ticket Coordinators). Current policy is as follows:
    • Winning pro brewers receive 4 Free passes for the first keg and 2 free passes for each additional keg served at Brewers Ball. Each of these passes will also get a free lunch ticket when they enter the event.
    • Pro brewer discounts were given to ANY brewer that entered the pro competition. This allowed the brewers that did not win any medals or those winners that needed extra tickets to acquire them. The discounted price is $30. Please inform the breweries that these discounted tickets are for brewery employees and family only. They are not for sale in tasting rooms or to brewery customers.

Create plan for acquiring and returning festival kegs (15 Hours)

  • Create a plan for getting all kegs to the event
  • Cold storage of kegs
  • Returning kegs after the event
  • Contact winning breweries individually for purposes of securing kegs

Prepare BFB Draft Equipment(10 hours)

  • Replace oetiker clamps with worm clamps
  • Verify draught stems have gaskets and back-flow preventers.
  • Adjust Tap configuration for Serving Pods.

Secure supplies (20 hours)

  • Onsite refrigeration must be secured for kegs being served. Coordination with Ulele and rental of a Refrigerated truck will be required.
  • Work with Logistics coordinator for tents, tables, etc for pouring stations at festival.
  • Contact Ice supplier. Arrange for delivery and payment on the day of the event.

Coordinate for draft setup/tear down/maintenance (10 hours)

  • Floor plan event with Logistics Leader
  • Lead volunteers as needed for setup
  • Lead volunteers as needed for Maintenance
  • Lead volunteers as needed for cleanup
  • Detail where each keg will be poured
  • Have maps ready for volunteers
  • Take kegs from refrigerated storage to pouring location
  • Setup tables and tents
  • Setup draft equipment
  • Bring initial ice to pouring stations
  • Fill/Place Ice Water coolers
  • Make sure kegs stay cold
  • Refill Ice Water Coolers regularly
  • Address any issues related to pouring beer during the event.
  • Return kegs to cold storage
  • Removal of draft equipment

Post Event (12 Hours)

  • Return kegs to breweries
  • Lead a volunteer day cleaning BFB Equipment
  • Clean and Store BFB Equipment