BFBC Homebrew Medal Winners

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Christopher Goller1st1E: Dortmunder Exportnone2014Light Lager
Brian & Jeremy Wing1st2B: Bohemian PilsenerFizzy Yellow Beer Is Fine by Me2014Pilsner
Dennis Decker1st3B: Oktoberfest/MarzenFestbier2014European Amber Lager
Jack Mcgeachy1st4C: Schwarzbier12 Degree2014Dark Lager
Dennis Decker1st5A: Maibock/Helles BockMyBock2014Bock
Matthew Giani1st6D: American Wheat or Rye BeerAmerican Wheat v2.12014Light Hybrid Beer
Jesse Johnson1st7C: Dusseldorf AltbierSticke Alt2014Amber Hybrid Beer
Kyle Struthers1st8A: Standard/Ordinary BitterMe Time2014English Pale Ale
Robert Hilferding1st9D: Irish Red AleAngrier Leprechaun2014Scottish/Irish Ale
Trey Ashmore1st10A: American Pale AleCitra on My Mind2014American Ale
Seth Alan Kuiper1st11A: MildI Shot a Squirrel and it Fell in2014English Brown Ale
Dennis Decker1st12C: Baltic PorterBaltic Porter2014Porter
Ian Schmidt1st13C: Oatmeal StoutOat Stout2014Stout
Gary Holmer1st14A: English IPADoghouse IPA2014India Pale Ale
Erick Viera1st15B: DunkelweizenMulata!2014German Wheat/Rye Beer
Rob Baynard1st16E: Belgian Specialty AleEsque2014Belgian/French Ale
Allan Myers1st17B: Flanders Red AleCuvee 32014Sour Ale
Mike Piunno1st18B: Belgian DubbelMonkey Farm2014Belgian Strong Ale
Matthew Mckinnon1st19C: American Barleywinenone2014Strong Ale
Russ Brunner1st20: Fruit BeerBlueberry Porter2014Fruit Beer
Paul Jackson1st21A: Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerJacksons Pumpkin Browne2014Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Brian & Jeremy Wing1st22C: Wood-Aged BeerBarrel Rider2014Smoke/Wood-Aged Beer
Corey Artanis1st23: Specialty BeerMorning Delight2014Specialty Beer
Brian & Jeremy Wing1st24C: Sweet MeadOld Orange Blossom Mead2014Traditional Mead
Brian & Jeremy Wing1st25C: Other Fruit MelomelWould you say I have a plethora 2014Melomel (Fruit Mead)
Keith Howard1st26A: MetheglinJamaican me thirsty2014Other Mead
Nelson Crowle1st27C: French CiderFrench Apples2014Standard Cider/Perry
Dave Clark1st28D: Other Specialty Cider or PeApple Corpse2014Specialty Cider/Perry
Christopher Goller1st1E: Dortmunder Exportnone2014Best Of Show - Beer
Keith Howard1st26A: MetheglinJamaican me thirsty2014Best Of Show - Mead/Cider
Jim Barrie1st1D: Munich HellesLiquid Gold2015Light Lager
Edward DeCambra1st2C: Classic American PilsnerTake-Two Pils2015Pilsner
Chris Hart1st3B: Oktoberfest/MarzenBlocktoberfest2015European Amber Lager
Robert Bandl1st4C: SchwarzbierDark Side Of The Moon2015Dark Lager
Todd Bogner1st5C: DoppelbockGladiator2015Bock
Daniel Klingman1st6C: KolschJust Another2015Light Hybrid Beer
Gregory Patterson1st7C: Dusseldorf AltbierDas Alt Haus2015Amber Hybrid Beer
George Taylor1st8B: Special/Best/Premium Bitter2015English Pale Ale
John Hampp1st9E: Strong Scotch AleByrning Haggis2015Scottish/Irish Ale
Scott Whisler1st10A: American Pale AleAnita Bath with Citra2015American Ale
Scott Greenwood1st11C: Northern English Brown AleGreenwoods northern english2015English Brown Ale
Ryan Lapete1st12C: Baltic PorterWheelhouse2015Porter
Aaron Smith1st13B: Sweet StoutBeer Religion Milk Stout2015Stout
Mike Lee1st14B: American IPAWheres Parker?2015India Pale Ale
Dave Kirsten1st15C: WeizenbockWeiss Guys2015German Wheat/Rye Beer
Rick Lindburg1st16A: WitbierKiss My Belgian White Ale2015Belgian/French Ale
Daniel Raynes1st17E: GueuzeMeat spin dot com2015Sour Ale
Edward DeCambra1st18E: Belgian Dark Strong AleObfuscation2015Belgian Strong Ale
Matthew Mckinnon1st19A: Old Aleold2015Strong Ale
Etienne Bourgeois1st20: Fruit BeerColumbian Exchange Lager2015Fruit Beer
Christopher Goller1st21A: Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerChocolate Milk Stout2015Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Keith Howard1st22B: Other Smoked BeerIncinerator2015Smoke/Wood-Aged Beer
Rob Baynard1st23: Specialty BeerGood 'n Juicy2015Specialty Beer
Wayne Dalton1st24C: Sweet MeadOrange Blossom Mead2015Traditional Mead
Allan Myers1st25C: Other Fruit MelomelLimon Chino2015Melomel (Fruit Mead)
Scott Behrens1st26A: MetheglinVanilla2015Other Mead
Paul Sorice1st27A: Common CiderOld Mill Hard Cider2015Standard Cider/Perry
Allan Myers1st28B: Fruit CiderBBAC2015Specialty Cider/Perry
Thomas Crawford2nd1D: Munich HellesDexter and His Many Pools of Hel2014Light Lager
Jeff Gladish2nd2C: Classic American PilsnerThe Mustache Rules2014Pilsner
Jeff Belot2nd3A: Vienna Lagernone2014European Amber Lager
Mark Stober2nd4B: Munich DunkelUncle Dunkel2014Dark Lager
Brian & Jeremy Wing2nd5C: DoppelbockRock Out With Your Bock Out2014Bock
Ian Schmidt2nd6A: Cream AleCream Ale2014Light Hybrid Beer
Dave Clark2nd7C: Dusseldorf AltbierThe Altimate2014Amber Hybrid Beer
Buddy Mogle2nd8C: Extra Special/Strong Bitter WSP ESB2014English Pale Ale
Dennis Decker2nd9E: Strong Scotch AleScotch Ale2014Scottish/Irish Ale
Jeffrey Smith2nd10A: American Pale Alenone2014American Ale
Robert Hilferding2nd11C: Northern English Brown AleHob Gobbler2014English Brown Ale
Mark Stober2nd12A: Brown PorterBrewathon beer 20132014Porter
Anthony Chacon2nd13F: Imperial StoutGirl On The Moon RIS2014Stout
Russ Brunner2nd14B: American IPACitra Single Hop2014India Pale Ale
Erick Viera2nd15A: Weizen/WeissbierWeisse Brewmeister2014German Wheat/Rye Beer
Rodney Sedillo2nd16E: Belgian Specialty AleHarmonious Discord2014Belgian/French Ale
Robb Goodwill2nd17A: Berliner WeisseTarty Pantz2014Sour Ale
Joe Rabener2nd18C: Belgian TripelOXAS2014Belgian Strong Ale
Rodney Sedillo2nd19B: English BarleywineThis shit medaled?2014Strong Ale
Tony Vincenti2nd20: Fruit BeerS.O.B. Lime (South of the Border2014Fruit Beer
Matthew Mckinnon2nd21A: Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerPeppers on Rye2014Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Jeff Gladish2nd22C: Wood-Aged BeerThanks to Jeff Herold for the Ba2014Smoke/Wood-Aged Beer
Dennis Decker2nd23: Specialty BeerIPL2014Specialty Beer
Lucas Kluz2nd24C: Sweet MeadPolish Mead2014Traditional Mead
Brian & Jeremy Wing2nd25C: Other Fruit MelomelTropic Thunder2014Melomel (Fruit Mead)
Brian & Jeremy Wing2nd26C: Open Category MeadB.M.G.C.2014Other Mead
Matthew Mckinnon2nd27A: Common Cidernone2014Standard Cider/Perry
Brian & Jeremy Wing2nd28D: Other Specialty Cider or PeOrange Blossom Cider v132014Specialty Cider/Perry
Rob Baynard2nd16E: Belgian Specialty AleEsque2014Best Of Show - Beer
Dave Clark2nd28D: Other Specialty Cider or PeApple Corpse2014Best Of Show - Mead/Cider
Robert Westbrook2nd1D: Munich HellesHelles to ya!2015Light Lager
Bob Bridges2nd2B: Bohemian PilsenerSmackdown #12015Pilsner
Shaun Newman2nd3A: Vienna LagerSteven Bloomfield Copied My Reci2015European Amber Lager
Jeff Belot2nd4B: Munich DunkelDunk Your Face2015Dark Lager
Mark Slater2nd5A: Maibock/Helles BockSnowball's Chance2015Bock
Josh Roberts2nd6B: Blonde AleDishwater Blonde Ale2015Light Hybrid Beer
Frank Vanloon2nd7A: North German AltbierCtrl Alt Drink2015Amber Hybrid Beer
Laurie Bridges2nd8C: Extra Special/Strong Bitter Olde Brit Pale2015English Pale Ale
Brian Peterson2nd9C: Scottish Export 80/-Scottish Ale2015Scottish/Irish Ale
Frank Vanloon2nd10C: American Brown AleGranola Brown2015American Ale
Dean Palmer2nd11A: MildSession Squirrel2015English Brown Ale
Sheila Jackson2nd12B: Robust PorterCrammond Porter2015Porter
Mike Lee2nd13F: Imperial StoutMoscow Madness2015Stout
Todd Bogner2nd14C: Imperial IPABlitzkrieg Hop2015India Pale Ale
Erick Viera2nd15A: Weizen/WeissbierWeissbier, yah?2015German Wheat/Rye Beer
Adam Perdue2nd16E: Belgian Specialty AleBGS2015Belgian/French Ale
Kevin Shaw2nd17A: Berliner WeisseSunshine2015Sour Ale
Chad Boggs2nd18B: Belgian DubbelBF Belgian Dubbel2015Belgian Strong Ale
Matthew Mckinnon2nd19C: American Barleywine552015Strong Ale
Bruce Roth2nd20: Fruit BeerSqueeze My Lemons2015Fruit Beer
Gary Holmer2nd21A: Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerDoghouse Vanilla Porter2015Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Mike Lee2nd22C: Wood-Aged BeerOak aged Moscow Madness2015Smoke/Wood-Aged Beer
Topher Mcalexander2nd23: Specialty BeerMango Habanero Berliner2015Specialty Beer
Josh Roberts2nd24C: Sweet MeadSweet Odin's Bile2015Traditional Mead
Scott Behrens2nd25C: Other Fruit MelomelPiney the Apple2015Melomel (Fruit Mead)
Kreis Holland2nd26A: Metheglin2015Other Mead
Sheila Jackson2nd27A: Common CiderJack's Cider2015Standard Cider/Perry
Sheila Jackson2nd28D: Other Specialty Cider or PeIkea Cider2015Specialty Cider/Perry
Dan Pemberton3rd1D: Munich HellesOh To Helles2014Light Lager
Josh Biskup3rd2C: Classic American PilsnerWaynes World Excellent2014Pilsner
Paul Jackson3rd3A: Vienna LagerStraussed Out2014European Amber Lager
Daniel Klingman3rd4C: SchwarzbierFade to Black2014Dark Lager
Brian & Jeremy Wing3rd5D: EisbockFargin Eisbock2014Bock
Bob Bridges3rd6B: Blonde AleKnights Gold2014Light Hybrid Beer
Todd Bogner3rd7C: Dusseldorf AltbierFive Points Altbier2014Amber Hybrid Beer
Daniel Klingman3rd8C: Extra Special/Strong Bitter Beyond the Pale Ale2014English Pale Ale
Danny Williams3rd9E: Strong Scotch AleGlasgow Solera2014Scottish/Irish Ale
Alex Giroux3rd10A: American Pale AleHopped Pale Ale2014American Ale
Rob Roberson3rd11B: Southern English Brown Alenone2014English Brown Ale
Chris Roane3rd12B: Robust Porternone2014Porter
Alan Dritenbas3rd13C: Oatmeal StoutBabyCakes Oatmeal Stout2014Stout
Sean Gregg3rd14B: American IPAMosaic Diesel Onion Juice2014India Pale Ale
Dennis Decker3rd15A: Weizen/WeissbierHefe2014German Wheat/Rye Beer
Bruce Whittington3rd16A: WitbierWinter Wit2014Belgian/French Ale
Jeanna Malines3rd17F: Fruit LambicBrett Broke my Heart2014Sour Ale
Matthew Giani3rd18E: Belgian Dark Strong AleBenevolent v2.12014Belgian Strong Ale
Dennis Decker3rd19A: Old AleOlde Ale2014Strong Ale
Gary Fuller3rd20: Fruit BeerRubus Arcticus2014Fruit Beer
Brian & Jeremy Wing3rd21A: Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerZia Wheat2014Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Sean Gregg3rd22C: Wood-Aged BeerBarrel Aged Epic Stout2014Smoke/Wood-Aged Beer
Troy Lybbert3rd23: Specialty BeerMidas 62014Specialty Beer
Brian & Jeremy Wing3rd24B: Semi-Sweet MeadOrange Blossom Mead2014Traditional Mead
Andre Guionnaud3rd25C: Other Fruit MelomelOrange Blossoms & Cherries2014Melomel (Fruit Mead)
Sybil King3rd26A: Metheglinnone2014Other Mead
Matt Waldron3rd27B: English CiderLonely Worm Country Cider2014Standard Cider/Perry
Dan Graston3rd28D: Other Specialty Cider or PeCaramel Apple Cider2014Specialty Cider/Perry
Dennis Decker3rd12C: Baltic PorterBaltic Porter2014Best Of Show - Beer
Brian & Jeremy Wing3rd25C: Other Fruit MelomelWould you say I have a plethora 2014Best Of Show - Mead/Cider
Jesse Johnson3rd1C: Premium American LagerI Ain't Your Bud2015Light Lager
Steve Bloomfield3rd3A: Vienna LagerBetter Than Shauns2015European Amber Lager
Michael Stinson3rd4C: SchwarzbierBlack Friday2015Dark Lager
Gregory Brown3rd5D: EisbockEisbock2015Bock
Gary Holmer3rd6C: KolschDoghouse Kolsch2015Light Hybrid Beer
Daniel Klingman3rd7B: California Common BeerNot So Common2015Amber Hybrid Beer
Daniel Klingman3rd8B: Special/Best/Premium BitterBeyond The Pale Ale2015English Pale Ale
Michael Cohen3rd9E: Strong Scotch AleMacClanahan's Madman Ale2015Scottish/Irish Ale
Gary Holmer3rd10A: American Pale AleDoghouse PizzAle2015American Ale
Seth Alan Kuiper3rd11A: MildI Shot a Squirrel and it fell in2015English Brown Ale
Erick Viera3rd12C: Baltic PorterThe Dark Side2015Porter
Michael Stinson3rd13B: Sweet StoutMilk Stout2015Stout
Brian Bickel3rd14C: Imperial IPABubonic 2x IPA2015India Pale Ale
Mark Slater3rd15A: Weizen/WeissbierHe's not Hefe, he's my Brother2015German Wheat/Rye Beer
Vincent Giordano3rd16E: Belgian Specialty AleNoel2015Belgian/French Ale
Chris Hanel3rd18A: Belgian Blond AleSavoureux Blond Ale2015Belgian Strong Ale
Jaclyn Rothberg3rd19B: English BarleywineSleeping Mike2015Strong Ale
Joe Eibler3rd20: Fruit Beerss 582015Fruit Beer
Michael Stinson3rd21A: Spice/Herb/Vegetable BeerMole Milk Stout2015Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Seth Alan Kuiper3rd22C: Wood-Aged BeerB.A.R.I.S. Yeltsin2015Smoke/Wood-Aged Beer
Gottfried {Fred} Floer3rd23: Specialty BeerSession IPA2015Specialty Beer
Watkins Robert3rd24B: Semi-Sweet Mead2015Traditional Mead
Carie Shaffer3rd25A: Cyser (Apple Melomel)Cyser2015Melomel (Fruit Mead)
Chris Nicholson3rd26C: Open Category MeadBloomin' Woody2015Other Mead
Jim Radtke3rd27A: Common CiderCaravel Cider2015Standard Cider/Perry
Wayne Dalton3rd28C: Apple WineGrown Up Apple Juice2015Specialty Cider/Perry
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