2016 Medal Winners

Quantum Leap WineryGoldC1A: New World CiderPedaler's Hard Apple Cider2016CIDERS
Green Bench Mead & CiderSilverC1B: English CiderThe Stranger (SB)2016CIDERS
Green Bench Mead & CiderBronzeC1C: French CiderFarmhouse Cider (SB)2016CIDERS
Cigar City Cider & MeadGoldM2F: Berry MeadThe Strange2016MEADS
Green Bench Mead & CiderSilverM2E: PymentThe Lucid Poet (SB)2016MEADS
Mad Beach Craft Brewing CompanyBronzeM1C: Sweet MeadPirate Booty2016MEADS
Cigar City BrewingGold32A: German-Style LeichtbierTampa-style Lager2016Euro and Internation Beer
Crooked Thumb BrewerySilver35: German-Style PilsenerGrandpa Jack's Pils2016Euro and Internation Beer
Big Storm Brewing CoBronze37: Muenchner-Style HellesHelicity2016Euro and Internation Beer
Coppertail Brewing CoGold1A: Light American Wheat Beer without YeastWheatStroke2016Standard American Beer
Florida Beer CompanySilver46A: American-Style Amber LagerFlorida Lager2016Standard American Beer
Ulele Spring BreweryBronze45B: American-Style PilsenerUlele Pale Lager2016Standard American Beer
Big Storm Brewing CoGold40: German-Style MaerzenOktoberfest2016Euro Dark Lager/Ale
Ten10 Brewing Co.Silver42: German-Style SchwarzbierBlack Bombers in the Night2016Euro Dark Lager/Ale
Veterans United Craft BreweryBronze50: German-Style AltbierScout Dog 442016Euro Dark Lager/Ale
Motorworks BrewingGold49: German-Style KoelschCruiser Kolsch2016Light Hybrid
Pair O Dice Brewing CompanySilver14: Honey BeerClearwater Honey Cream2016Light Hybrid
Crooked Can Brewing CompanyBronze49: German-Style KoelschMr. Tractor Kolsch2016Light Hybrid
Southern BrewingGold85: Golden or Blonde AleNot Your Heidi Klum Blonde2016Golden Blonde
Fort Myers Brewing CompanySilver85: Golden or Blonde AleCity of Palms Pils2016Golden Blonde
Veterans United Craft BreweryBronze85: Golden or Blonde AleRaging Blonde Ale2016Golden Blonde
Copp Winery And BreweryGold70B: English-Style Extra Special Bitter18212016English Ales
Florida Avenue Brewing CompanySilver73: English-Style Brown AleBetchy Brown2016English Ales
Bury Me BrewingBronze68B: Special Bitter or Best BitterBag O' Bones2016English Ales
Tomoka Brewing CoGold82: Irish-Style Red AleMcCarthy's Irish Red2016Scottish/Irish Ale
Rapp Brewing CompanySilver78A: Traditional Scotch AleScotch Ale SB2016Scottish/Irish Ale
Marker 48 BrewingBronze82: Irish-Style Red AleRed Right Return2016Scottish/Irish Ale
Tampa Bay Brewing CompanyGold86: American-Style Pale AleReef Donkey APA2016American Pale Ale
Green Bench Brewing CompanySilver87: American-Style Strong Pale AleGreen Bench IPA2016American Pale Ale
Crooked Thumb BreweryBronze86: American-Style Pale AleStreet Dog Pale Ale2016American Pale Ale
Fort Myers Brewing CompanyGold94: American-Style Black AleIncognito2016American Amber/Brown Ale
Proof Brewing CompanySilver90: American-Style Amber/Red AleAbandoned Planet2016American Amber/Brown Ale
Southern BrewingBronze93: American-Style Brown AleHeights' Brown2016American Amber/Brown Ale
Six Ten BrewingGold89: Imperial India Pale AleTPA2016Imp IPA/Red
Barley Mow Brewing CompanySilver92: Imperial Red AleThe Huntsman2016Imp IPA/Red
The Waterfront BreweryBronze89: Imperial India Pale AleTruMan2016Imp IPA/Red
Pareidolia Brewing CompanyGold74: Brown PorterWahoo Coffee Porter2016Porter
Veterans United Craft BrewerySilver75: Robust PorterParatrooper Porter2016Porter
Florida Beer CompanyBronze75: Robust PorterGaspar's Porter2016Porter
LauderAleGold84: Export StoutBlack Mamba2016Stout
Southern BrewingSilver77: Oatmeal StoutOliver's Gruel Stout2016Stout
Crooked Can Brewing CompanyBronze95: American-Style StoutCrooked Can House Stout2016Stout
Dunedin BreweryGold96: American-Style Imperial StoutMundofolbick2016Imper Stouts
26 Degree Brewing CompanySilver96: American-Style Imperial StoutZiko's Rage2016Imper Stouts
Fort Myers Brewing CompanyBronze79: British-Style Imperial StoutBubblin Crude2016Imper Stouts
Escape Brewing CompanyGold88: American-Style India Pale AleThe Other West Coast IPA2016IPA
Seventh Sun Brewing CompanySilver88: American-Style India Pale AleHeadbanger IPA2016IPA
Swamp Head BreweryBronze88: American-Style India Pale AleDown Deep2016IPA
Seventh Sun Brewing CompanyGold15: Session BeerLa Fete2016Session
Mia Beer CoSilver16: Session India Pale AleEl Cuco2016Session
Fort Myers Brewing CompanyBronze15: Session BeerSession Pale2016Session
Crooked Can Brewing CompanyGold52: South German-Style HefeweizenCloud Chaser Hefeweizen2016German Wheat
Brewers Tasting RoomSilver52: South German-Style HefeweizenBad Badger Bavarian Hefeweizen2016German Wheat
Mia Beer CoBronze52: South German-Style HefeweizenMiami Weiss2016German Wheat
Rapp Brewing CompanyGold57A: French-Style Biere de GardeBiere De Garde SB2016Belgian/French Ales
Big Storm Brewing CoSilver57B: Other Belgian- and French-Style AleBelgian2016Belgian/French Ales
Cigar City BrewingBronze55: Belgian-Style WitbierFlorida Cracker2016Belgian/French Ales
Central 28 Beer Co.Gold65D: Other Belgian-Style AleTrekker2016Saison
Motorworks BrewingSilver56: French- and Belgian-Style SaisonSaison2016Saison
Point Ybel Brewing Co.Bronze56: French- and Belgian-Style SaisonSaison de Sauvage2016Saison
Six Ten BrewingGold51A: Berliner-Style WeisseApricot CBGB2016Sour Ales
Alligator Brewing Co. LlcSilver51A: Berliner-Style WeisseHaute Mess Florida Weisse -SB2016Sour Ales
Six Ten BrewingBronze51A: Berliner-Style WeisseBlackberry CBGB2016Sour Ales
Grasslands Brewing CompanyGold51C: Contemporary GosePickle Tickle (SB)2016Gose
Alligator Brewing Co. LlcSilver51C: Contemporary GoseGose the Traveler w/Kumquat -SB2016Gose
Angry Chair BrewingBronze51B: Leipzig-Style GoseGose2016Gose
McGuires Irish Pub-DestinGold65A: Other Belgian-Style Abbey AleMcGuire's Millennium Ale2016Belgian Strong Ales +3
Barrel Of Monks BrewingSilver61B: Belgian-Style QuadrupelQuadraphonic2016Belgian Strong Ales +3
Barrel Of Monks BrewingBronze22A: Pale American-Belgo-Style AleDry Hopped Endless Enigma (SB)2016Belgian Strong Ales +3
Momentum BrewhouseGold81B: British-Style Barley Wine AleTwisted Cap2016Strong Ale
Pair O Dice Brewing CompanySilver81A: American-Style Barley Wine AleUp Hops The Devil - SB2016Strong Ale
Mad Beach Craft Brewing CompanyBronze17A: Other Strong Ale or LagerOscuro2016Strong Ale
Tampa Bay Brewing CompanyGold3: Fruit BeerKING Quat2016Fruit Beer
Dunedin BrewerySilver5: Belgian-Style Fruit BeerFruits of Leisure2016Fruit Beer
Brew Bus BrewingBronze4: Fruit Wheat BeerYou're My Boy, Blue!2016Fruit Beer
Six Ten BrewingGold9: Herb and Spice BeerBabble to the Nag2016Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Tampa Bay Brewing CompanySilver6: Pumpkin BeerGourds Gone Wild Pumpkin Ale2016Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Brew HubBronze8: Chili BeerThunder Axe2016Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer
Fort Myers Brewing CompanyGold10: Chocolate BeerChocolate Stout2016Coffee/Choco
Funky Buddha Brewery IncSilver10: Chocolate BeerNib Smuggler2016Coffee/Choco
Brew Bus BrewingBronze10: Chocolate BeerHazelnut Spread Porter2016Coffee/Choco
First Magnitude Brewing CompanyGold31A: Bamberg-Style Weiss RauchbierSmoked Dunkelweizen (SB)2016Wood-Aged
Rapp Brewing CompanySilver31G: Other Smoke BeerLichtenheiner SB2016Wood-Aged
Barrel Of Monks BrewingBronze25A: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Pale to Amber BeerOwen (SB)2016Wood-Aged
Seventh Sun Brewing CompanyGold26: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong BeerVultures From The Past (SB)2016Strng Wood-Aged Beer
Cigar City BrewingSilver26: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong BeerBourbon BA Big Sound2016Strng Wood-Aged Beer
Mad Beach Craft Brewing CompanyBronze26: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong BeerDubious Intentions (SB)2016Strng Wood-Aged Beer
Rapp Brewing CompanyGold20C: AdambierAdambier SB2016Special Beer
Funky Buddha Brewery IncSilver18A: Experimental BeerNo Crusts2016Special Beer
Cigar City BrewingBronze18A: Experimental BeerHunahpu's Imperial Stout2016Special Beer
Point Ybel Brewing Co.Gold23B: Fruited American-Style Sour AleJackfruit Sour2016Wild Beer
Tomoka Brewing CoSilver23B: Fruited American-Style Sour AleTangerine Florida Weisse2016Wild Beer
Aardwolf Brewing CompanyBronze24B: Mixed Culture Brett BeerSan Marco Sour2016Wild Beer